Activation Server On-Line
The Current Version is
Saturday 30th of May 2020 -
As well as the free version, there is now a 7 day unrestricted trial version available.

The file verifier tab is used to inspect all installed content. It will scan through your DAZ Studio folder and locate all daz files.

Once this process has completed it will inspect each file and verify that all of its dependent files are present.

Occasionally you may find some required files my not have been included in the content you have downloaded. However this is not a problem for daz auto installer.
Sometimes the required file might have a different file name or just be in the wrong location. This can occur because a lot of the content uses the same base files.

Once the scan has completed all missing files will be listed. If the file is available from another package DAZ auto installer will display the path of the alternative file. Otherwise it will display Missing. Clicking the fix missing files will copy the files into their correct locations.

Even if a file is listed as missing, all is not lost. At this point you can right click on an item to reveal more options for fixing the missing file, using options like search the internet and find file with similar name.

Because scanning thousands of files can take a long time you also have the ability to save and reload your progress.

DAZ auto installer can even scan the encrypted duf and dsf files.